Friday, March 30, 2012

Social Media Monitoring

Recently a student has been jailed over racist comments over the social networking site of twitter in regards to Bolton Wanderers football player Fabrice Muamba who collapse during a game. The student was arrested after many complaints were filed from people who saw the posts. More information found here.

Student Liam Stacey who was sentenced over twitter posts

Trolling is another way of internet bullying when comments are made against people passed away or sensitive issues. The World Wide Web and social networking has millions of users over the globe with twitter having 1,000 posts a minute. Many companies, organisations and specialist agencies have a way of monitoring information but to the rest of us there are no tools in use or standard procedure over the social networking of making complaints. Is there any way of monitoring and policing the internet so these cases do not happen in the future? From country to country laws and legislations change and the way people are dealt with in these situations. An example of this would be in the UK the student previously mentioned got sentenced for 56 days where as Sean Duffy who posted offensive images of a victim of suicide only got community service. I think this calls for a social media/ Web procedure to be in place with people who make the remarks and a standard and agreed on way to punish those who do commit the office. This may be challenging as the rate of the growth of social media only makes this harder and scope of the web is so large is there really any way of monitoring everything?

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