Thursday, November 25, 2010

Adidas 'We Are London' Campaign

"WE ARE LONDON is a celebration of the unique talent and creativity that thrives within our capital city. The sounds, the sights and the vibrancy of young London. WE ARE LONDON is a declaration of the belonging - to a generation that are going places, making their own luck and forging their own path. London is the most exciting city in the world right now - show the world you're part of it." -

In months to come 'We are London' advertisements will be popping up everywhere, already being on bill boards and widely advertised on public transport in London. The faces of the campaign being hip-hop/grime London artists; Bashy, Devlin, Scorcher, Loick Essien and Maxta. The campaigns aims are to let the young London public to show that they are part of and support a unique generation in London. As per the quote above "exciting city in the world right now" with the 2012 Olympics and current campaign to host the world cup here in 2018.


There is a mass lot of social network involved and online media, such as facebook and youtube. Facebook is the main website allowing more involvement with the modern generation, for instance competitions and applications that interact with your own profile. Adidas own youtube channel has already posted 8 videos since the launch just over a week ago with more to come, this includes the TV advertisement and interviews with the 'faces' in conjunction with Launching just before Christmas will increase the sales in adidas as the target audience will be wanting to look like their peers. These musicians are very underground and are breaking through the stereotypical UK music industry following artists such as Kano and Dizziee. I am sure if you ask a majority of the older 30+ generation they will not know who these endorsements are, that is why they have chooses these channels to convey in this movement. Check out Adidas for the a/w 11 range and clothes seen on campaign. Adidas campaigns this year also makes up of 'Adidas Originals' and 'Starwars'.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MOVEMBER!... Awareness for Prostate Cancer

Movember- Meaning the growing of the Mustache in the month of November.

If you didn't guess that gain some more intelligence.

"Since 2004, the Movember Foundation charity has run Movember events to raise awareness and funds for men's health issues, such as prostate cancer and depression, in Australia and New Zealand. In 2007, events were launched in Ireland, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States."

Here's a promo vid for the 2010 Movember. If this was your first time watching this video and you had no idea what this charity was about this video would not help at all.
Although Mens Health Magazine is a big promoter of this featuring it on their front cover and inside spreads. Neither can i find this being endorsed by any high profile people just old photos advertising, for instance goal keeper David Seaman, for as long as i've known hes had a mustache! But sometimes a celebrity endorsements are a bit unrealistic weather to as they are going to do it or raise any money for the Charity.

But i love that how many of my friends despite not knowing much about the charity have decided to take on the task of grooming and growing their mustache. KEEP RAISING THE MONEY!!
Here's my handsome friend who's participating in the task. DONATE AND SUPPORT HIM NOW Ari Hayton-

OR ANYONE follow link to Movember homepage-

Sunday, October 10, 2010


ITS FRESHERS.... and i'm blogging because you... Yes you Paul Simpson are telling us to...
SOOOOOOOOO it's been a busy couple of weeks, lectures, going out, socializing, networking the usual. And every spare minute reading and studying... errrrr!! Hes a few pics from the past weeks!... Plussss Pirates of the Caribbean 4?? was being filmed.. which was cool but a huge diversion... but seeing Johnny Depp made up for it!!
University of Greenwich view

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For All You Girls Who Wear HAIR EXTENSIONS- Look At Naomi Campbell

Wowzers after years of wearing hair extensions and weaves Model Naomi Campbell has Traction Alopecia which causes temp hair loss!! Showing in the picture her bald patches!!

Many other celebs have had this type of alopecia including Victoria Beckham!

This is a warning to all of you who wear extensions BE AWARE!!!!! Or if you can afford a hair transplant all is good!


Monday, June 7, 2010

GaGa Style Only £120

This Fab dress is on Asos for only £120 which i think is a bargain! And im sure not many people will be wearing it! Hurry before it goes in your size!
Under layer is a underwear playsuit which can be swapped for a boob-tube dress or simple jersey dress, if black was put under i think it would make more of a statement!! Go GAGA!!!
Cop it before it goes!


Lily Allen Opens Store

Sooo whilst watching channel 4's Frock With Me last episode i learnt to do fish plaits woohoo!! Good times i've been waiting years to learn how to do it!!

Apart from that it showed Lily Allen's new fashion venture with her sister, opening up a boutique of her collection of clothes for sale and hire to the general public! It looks plush from the footage! Whilst watching i spotted these Chanel Wellingtons..... need i say more! I bet these were for hire and not to buy! Shops name is Lucy in Disguise.
Heres a link for a fish plat demo!...


Into the world of blogging i go...

Sooo after a while of reading everyone else's blogs i have decided to blog myself!! But have chosen to cover a range of things.... If i just did fashion i think i would get depressed as i do not have the money like most of these fashion bloggers seem to have!!!

I'm currently in the beauitful city of Valencia, Spain so i hope to get some good snaps... Also moving to London in September and visiting my home city of Norwich!! So im sure i will have lots to blog about!

As im in a pitch black room with only my laptop for light the flys are currently eating at me soo untill next blog...