Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finding PR Placements/Internships

Throughout the duration of my Public Relations course I have continuously looked for work experience in this industry. I have worked hard and gained some but also lost many. Experience is key in this industry and learning theories and skills in class are very different when putting them into practice in the working environment. The process of finding these opportunities are very hard and a majority not paid. This may change with laws as previously talked about within the industry but if this does happen does this mean that the amount of internships decrease, the cream of the crop will only get opportunities and who you know will be much stronger than what you know? Nick Clegg has support is some sort of payment to interns; "interns should be paid minimum wage or “at least” get reasonable expenses"

Some good employers will display opportunities online and pay expenses. If not it is always worth giving organisations a phone call or an email to the one displayed online. Once getting through make sure you know your stuff and the companies profile its self. If you show general ability and interest in the PR industry most people will take you on from 2 weeks to 6 months.
Good Luck!

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