Thursday, March 29, 2012


In the past year the PRCA (Public Relations Consultants Association) has become more involved with students studying Public Relations courses at University over the UK. They have held events, asked for feedback and suggestions on what the students would like to see. They help to get students and graduates into the PR industry and employment. They have also provided membership rates for students. Although this is available to students there is also the CIPR(Chartered Institute of Public Relations). They have been supporting students for many years but to access a majority of the information a fee is also required to join. They run a student

representative programme every year with the chance of winning an award for student of the year. The CIPR represents individuals in the PR industry over a variety of sectors. Although both are now made available to students i see there is some potential competition in membership and followings. Many students do not have the money to sign up to both or go to paid events organised. Back in October last year i tweeted "CIPR or PRCA" and got direct emails from both if i wanted more information. Is there any room in the future for it to be free to students then the PRCA and CIPR could work together in improving courses for students rather than both individual flows of communication?

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