Friday, February 25, 2011

The Brits, what a place to be!

The Brit Awards, the time for Britain to celebrate the wonder that is modern musicians! What a time for all the talented musicians to present their wonders to the public again and again.

Adele ofcourse with her performance was able to grab a tear from almost everyone watching the show, and not only that, her first album "19" is back in the chart - ADELE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. She wasn't the only one, Plan B were able to bring their album back with their firery performance The Defamation Of Strickland Banks - Plan B  The Defamation Of Strickland Banks
I don't think i'm the only person to say that, James Corden, at first, little bit funny how he acted towards Justin Bieber, like any normal man would? Maybe? However, his tweets then onwards began to irritate me slightly, I myself find Corden a comical guy, but on this occasion, tweeting about Mike and Bieber several times became a bit tiring.

I love just watching the celebs in their bliss world, it's like living the musicians life, with their tables, friend and bottles of champagne. All of them just looked superb, Rihanna ofcourse was the one which stood out. Her performance was sexy and just down right gorgeous. The dress she was wearing, ofcourse the comment was made about a wedding, but she looked lovely as well as being able to promote her new perfume "Rebl Fleur". Good PR there, with millions of people watching, her perfume just being released as well as her dress taking up the majority of the camera view and looking as gorgeous as Rihanna could ever look and more.


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