Tuesday, February 22, 2011

London Fashion Week- Smoking

Perception of Smoking?

Awareness campaigns, the stop of cigarette companies sponsoring, shocking images, the rise is support groups, health awareness

Glam, Chic

Benchmarking yet Timeless, a form of expression and feelings

yet Judgmental and Opinion


  1. Looking at the posters campaigning against smoking cigarettes, I would not say that the idea that smoking is bad for you in any way.
    Smoking was seen as an upper class accessory back in the 1940's up until 1990's when people discovered what it does to your body.
    Advertising organisations are jumping up the wrong tree when using celebrities to portray a negative image of smoking. When a fourteen year old girl walks past a billboard with a sensational model wearing the latest gear along with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, the only thing the girl will see is what she wants to look like.
    To get heads turning, the pictures on cigarette packets disgust people and manage to grab people and tell them what they are doing to their bodies by taking a drag.

  2. I strongly agree with you Lauren, I believe this campaign was a bit ambiguous as when you look at the pictures some people may think they are actually encouraging people to smoke, in which case, the campaign would work against the main objective for which it was initially intended.
    I am sure that their strategy was neither effective nor shocking as they were selling an image of beautiful women smoking cigarettes without showing whatsoever the unhealthy aspect of the issue which was the overall objective of the campaign. I guess that what they intended to do was to show in somehow the habit of smoking in a glamorous way that would suit the profile of the fashion event, but from a Communications perspective they may have got it all wrong.