Monday, March 21, 2011

Prodcut placement in Music Videos

Lady GaGa, Telephone;

  • Hearbeats headphones
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Diet Coke
  • HP Beats Laptop
  • Plenty of Fish Dating Website
  • Chevrolet
  • Polaroid
  • Wonder bread
  • Miracle Whip
  • Chanel
Kesha- We R Who We R

  • Plently of Fish Dating Website
  • Revolucion Tequila
  • Revolucion Vodka
  • G-Shock Watches
  • Apple Macbook

When do you know if something is product placement or simply there, is the line becoming merged?


  1. Recently there has been controversey concerning product placement in the world of digital media whether its through a music video or through television. Its a battle between those who see it as a means of diverting attention away from the original aspect (take for example a music video) vs those who o themselves are merely taking the opportunity to support/promote the goods.
    In my opinion, I understand the potential issues product placement may obtain concerning possible subliminal promotions to the audience. On the other hand, for instance Lady Gaga's video Telephone, this was a phenomenon with its similarities to films such as Kill Bill (Pussywagon) Thelma and Louise ( with the vast and deep colours of the landscape and the aspect of the two independant women on the run after murder). Lady Gaga has created a strong brand for herself whether people like her or hate her, people still are aware of her and what she does. The certain products which are merged into the video i.e. Diet Coke is a part of Gaga's look, instead of rollers she has Diet Coke cans. The product itself and the placement has to suit the artists' personality, there has be the connection between the two otherwise there will be reason for disputes. As well as Kesha, the majority of products promoted is alcohol; Ke$ha has formed an image of herself as a party animal already, so who better to endorse alcohol spirits?

  2. I guess it sort of depends on how you think the product placement really works. Do the companies approach the celebrities in order to have their products shown in music videos, films, etc.? Or do the celebrities independently choose to show certain products because they like the brand?

    Either way it's not really something that anyone can complain too much about because it's the comparison between, business between a celebrity and a company, or a celebrity choosing to promote a brand or product that they like. In the end it's basically the same as a celebrity endorsing a product in an advert.