Sunday, May 1, 2011

Twenty Twelve... Brand manager from PR a joke

The Olympic “mockumentary”, Twenty Twelve is a 6 episode comedy programme running on BBC which follows the Olympic deliverance commission in the run up to the 2010 Olympics to be held in London. Siobhan Sharpe is a character played by Jessica Hynes who is the naïve and clueless brand manager from a PR agency who is constantly on her phone, rude and comes up with the most ridiculous suggestions; “for national heroes to be Olympic torch-bearers include Bruce Forsyth and Gok Wan, and she confuses the Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy with the Welsh singer Duffy.” When a crisis occurs she does not deal with the situation but merely steers around it, when the 2012 clock in Tate Modern, does not work or know how to work it or why the artist created it a certain way, just a stunt with no information.

The brand manager is shown in a bad light, for years PR has constantly needed PR for its self as the perception they have is mainly spin. Although a comedy show, it does not help the insight of PR. Do we need filters on how PR professionals and the industry is portrayed, if we are always being judged do we need to constantly do PR on top, or will the stigma always stick?

Twenty Twelve is available to watch on BBCi Player online

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