Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Always a Leader, Never a Follower" Monster Beats

Beats was established back in 2008 in conjunction with successful rapper Dr.Dre and Monster Cable, it has now become one of the leading and recognizable brands in the headphone and music industry mainly due to its marketing strategy that has taken place globally. Providing an excellent music experience for all in a range of affordable prices, there are also headphone in the range designed by Lady GaGa, P.Diddy and Justin Bieber. Listed below are some of the channels of communication they have used in their strategy.

  • Media- Press conferences when launching a new product, music and lifestyle magazines.

Chrysler cars and Beats partnership press release-

  • Video- Having a live youtube channel and videos on the products website online presence with the target market the videos showing how products work, press conferences, speeches by the makers but also the music videos. They also use this channel for internal communication education retailers on certain products.

  • Celebrities- have been one of the main channels of communication for beats being shown in music videos, films, being endorsed by them, product placement. They have created a lifestyle what people want a part of and experience of the brand. Most of the placements are by the creators such as GaGa, Dr Dre and P.Diddy. Many athletes also endorse the product such as football teams whilst in South Africa for the 2010 world cup.

Beats Appearances;

· Dr Dre- Kush

· Lady Gaga- Poker Face

· Lady Gaga- Telephone

· Lady Gaga- Lovegame

· David Guetta- Who’s that chick

· Far East Movement- 2gether

· Far East Movement- Like a G6

· Nicole Scherzinger- Don’t Hold Your Breath

· Will.I.Am- Check it out

· The Book Of Eli- Film

· Black Eyed Peas- Current album cover and various music videos

· Kelis- 4th July

& numerous more

  • TV advertisements- with collaborations such as HP and again a celebrities endorsement by Alicia keys.

  • Blogs- There has been many blogs written about beats headphones both positive and negative. The negative aspect being are the headphones worth the large amount of money, is it for quality or the experience of having the product which turns heads.

  • Events- Beats set up their own events such as at the American superbowl they have a Beats stage where artists performed like The Black Eyed Peas who are big endorsers of the brand. They also sponsor other events by providing free products for prizes, an example of this would be the Flavor Battle DJ Competition held i n America.

It is no doubt that Beats have had a great response from the public, and the strategy they have used has reached the appropriate target market. They also widen the target marketing by having collaborations with many other products such as laptops and cars. It has defiantly become recognizable and leader in the industry. The question that is still unanswered at the end of the day is, is it worth it?


  1. The marketing for theses headphones have been amazing, to the point it's become so much more than simple headphones, but a fashion accessory.
    I do think the music videos that the headphones are featured in, has been a great influence on its image, therefore increasing public interest. The same way alcohol was marketed through the videos, the headphones are having the same affect, image wise!
    It has also helped Dr Dre’s 2011 comeback, which I love!
    Great Read! :)

  2. Their marketing strategy is quite amazing, like GAGA and JB will attract so many teens as the customers.